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Alpine Ski Racing

Alpine ski racing is a sport in which athletes attempt to complete a downhill ski course in the fastest time. Courses are marked by poles or gates and may involve high speed turns, dips, flats, and jumps. Alpine ski racing categories include downhill, super-G, giant slalom, and slalom. Downhill ski races are faster and riskier, while slalom races require more technical skill to navigate through the tightly-spaced poles. Downhill ski races usually are single-run, with the fastest time winning, while slalom race competitions are scored using the combined times of two runs.

Is this activity known by any other names?

Downhill skiing

What are the origins of the activity abroad and in Canada?

Alpine skiing was first established as a sport discipline in the 1920s. In the 1930s, alpine skiing started gaining popularity in Canada after being introduced by Scandinavian immigrants.

Who takes part?

Alpine ski racing is practiced by both males and females, and while there are no restrictions based on class or race, many of the participants are white and middle or upper class. The age of participants typically ranges from adolescence to late adulthood.

When does it occur / How often do you take part?

Alpine ski races and training occurs in the winter months.

Are there any organized clubs, groups, organizations or leagues?

McMaster Ski Club; Alpine Ski Club; Osler Bluff Ski Club; Alpine Ontario; Beaver Valley; Toronto Ski Club; North Toronto Ski Club; Mansfield Ski Club; Craigleith Ski Club

Cultural Significance


Is there anything else we should know?



  • Beaver Valley Ski Club
    100 Pioneer Drive
    Markdale, ON N0C 1H0
  • Glen Eden Ski Area
    5234 Kelso Rd
    Milton, ON L9T 2X7
  • Ski Snow Valley
    2632 Vespra Valley Road
    Minesing, ON L9X 1Y3
  • Horseshoe Resort
    R.R. 1
    Barrie, ON L4M 4Y8
  • Blue Mountains
    108 Jozo Weider Blvd
    The Blue Mountains, ON L9Y 3Z2
  • Alpine Ski Club
    17-242 Arrowhead Road
    The Blue Mountains, ON L9Y 0S1
  • Osler Bluff Ski Club
    795534 The Blue Mountains Clearview Townline
    The Blue Mountains, ON L9Y 0R7
  • Mont Saint Louis Moonstone
    24 Mount Saint Louis Road West
    Coldwater, ON L0K 1E0
  • Hockley Valley Resort
    793522 Mono 3rd Line
    Mono, ON L9W 2Y8
  • Dagmar Resort
    1220 Lake Ridge Rd
    Uxbridge, ON L9P 1R4
  • Ski Lakeridge
    790 Chalk Lake Road
    Uxbridge, ON L9P 1R4

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