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Tee Ball

Tee Ball is a modified version of baseball, typically played by children, in which players hit a ball off a stationary tee to score runs. Like in baseball, the objective of the game is for teams to score more runs than their opposition. After hitting the ball, players run around four bases to score a point; they may stay on a base to avoid being tagged by the defending team, which would result in them being "out" and leaving the bases. Whenever a player reaches the home plate (fourth base) without being tagged out, they score a point for their team. Major differences from baseball include: balls are hit off a stationary tee, rather than pitched toward the batter; the ball is softer than a regulation baseball; an inning ends after each member of a team has an opportunity to bat, rather than after three outs. A game can consist of five to nine innings, depending on level of competition and intended difficulty. Although the game can be played by adults, it is usually played by young children with the objective of improving physical literacy and as a safer alternative to introduce the concepts of baseball.

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What are the origins of the activity abroad and in Canada?

The game is thought to originate in North America, however the specific arrival in Canada and the GTA is not known.

Who takes part?

Boys and girls, typically under the age of 12, of diverse ethnocultural backgrounds.

When does it occur / How often do you take part?

The game is played outdoors in the summer, as well as indoors during the colder months.

Are there any organized clubs, groups, organizations or leagues?

North Toronto Baseball – Tball Junior; Little League Canada; High Park T-Ball; Toronto Girls Baseball; East Toronto Baseball Association; Forest Hill T-Ball Association; Orangeville Minor Baseball Association

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  • Bedford Park
    1590 S Parade Ct
    Mississauga, ON L5M 6E7
  • Lawrence Park And Ravine
    51 Alexander Muir Rd
    North York, ON M4N 0A3
  • John Ross Robertson Junior Public School
    130 Glengrove Ave W.
    Toronto, ON M4R 1P2
  • Glenview Senior Public School
    401 Rosewell Ave
    Toronto, ON M4R 2B5
  • Forest Hill Junior and Senior Public School
    78 Dunloe Rd
    Toronto, ON M5P 2T6
  • Bob Abate Community Centre
    485 Montrose Ave
    Toronto, ON M6G 3H2
  • Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre
    750 Spadina Ave
    Toronto, ON M5S 2J2
  • Bloor Street United Church
    300 Bloor St W.
    Toronto, ON M9B 6B7
  • St. Barnabas Church Hall
    175 Hampton Ave.
    Toronto, ON M4K 2Z3
  • Humbercrest United Church
    1 Glenview Ave
    Toronto, ON M4R 1P5
  • National Ballroom Academy
    39 Glen Cameron Rd
    Thornhill, ON L3T 1P1
  • Huron Park Community Centre
    830 Paisley Blvd. West
    Mississauga, ON L5C 3P5
  • Rivergrove Community Centre
    5800 River Grove Ave.
    Mississauga, ON L5M 4R8
  • Meadowvale Community Centre
    6655 Glen Erin Drive
    Mississauga, ON L5N 3L4

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