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Yi Jin Jing

Yi Jin Jing is a Chinese exercise system designed to increase strength, flexibility, and stamina. The activity utilizes a series of slow to moderate-paced movements during which participants take breaths rhythmically and meditate. In most of these movements, the palms are open and the participants are in a standing position with open eyes. Although the pace is designed to be gentle, in a room filled with participants, it is common for participants to feel warm or even sweat at the end of the exercise. Practitioners of Yi Jin Jing claim that regularly participating this activity will lead to better health and a stronger mind and body balance.

Is this activity known by any other names?

Yi Jin Xi Sui Jing

What are the origins of the activity abroad and in Canada?

Yi Jin Jing originated in China in the 7th Century. Its origins in Canada are not known, but it likely spread to Canada with Chinese immigrants in the 1970s.

Who takes part?

Most Yi Jin Jing participants are middle-aged and older Chinese men and women.

When does it occur / How often do you take part?

Weekly classes occur at different community centres around the GTA. Yi Jin Jing can also be practiced at home through video instruction.

Are there any organized clubs, groups, organizations or leagues?

Shaolin Cultural Centre; Health Qigong

Cultural Significance

Yi Jin Jing is culturally significant to some older Chinese people, as this group fitness activity offers an opportunity to interact with other Chinese people in the community.

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Exercise System

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